Automatic Hand sanitizer dispenser

autoSPRITZ Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser 


  1. Refundable money after 30 days
  2. 1 year warranty
  3. Easily affordable
  4. Easy-to-use dispenser
  5. 4 AA alkaline battery power supply

Are you looking for a hand sanitizer dispenser that would ease your sanitizing process? Do you believe that keeping yourself and family protected from germs is important? With Covid-19 and other viruses on the loose, this is how you should feel.

autoSPRITZ automatic hand sanitizer dispenser would help you eliminate 99.9 percent of germs in just a few seconds. This dispenser comes with 4 AA batteries and 12.oz capacity hand sanitizer for refill. You can get up to 350 spritz of thorough disinfecting process with this sanitizer.  It assures you of safety in your home and businesses. This Origyn product is concerned with removing illness causing bacteria, viruses and germs.

This hand sanitizer uses a zero touch hand sanitizer dispenser. So if you are tired of having to pump your sanitizer into your hand, autoSPRITZ was created mainly for that purpose. It uses a motion detector that detects your hand movement and then delivers the spritz of sanitizer into your hands.

When we talk about a hand sanitizer dispenser, you could be picturing a huge product that is static and heavy. However, autoSPRITZ changes the norm with its extremely lightweight dispenser that you can easily carry around. The setup is portable in a way that ensures that you disinfect thoroughly regardless of your environment.

Origyn autoSPRITZ Hand Sanitizer Dispenser with Zero Touch Automatic Spray Includes 12oz of 80% Liquid Alcohol Solution & 4 AA Batteries, White

Consequently, this Origyn product is made with a modern and classic design. The brand believes that even if you are disinfecting, you should do it with an attractive dispenser. In addition to this sleek design is the capacity to effectively combat germs.

You can easily track the level of liquid in this dispenser by viewing with the refill window indicator. With this feature you are at peace that your sanitizer would not finish without your knowledge. This dispenser shows you when the liquid is already low in order to ease a quick refill.

Another distinct feature of this dispenser is its peculiar hand sanitizer refill. It was produced with 80% ethyl alcohol which gives a guaranteed level of effectiveness. This alcohol level is effective in making your hands uninhabitable for germs and other harmful virus causing substances.

In order to maximize all the features of this autoSPRITZ dispenser, you need to use it alongside the hand sanitizer liquid. The dispenser was built to be only compatible with Origyn Hand sanitizer. However, you have nothing to worry about because the liquid is affordable and easy to purchase. All you need to do is easily scan the QR code to instantly order for a refill.

In addition, Origyn hand sanitizer uses ingredients that are recommended and approved by the World Health Organization (WHO). This way you’re sure you would not come across harmful substances in the liquid or ingredients with adverse effects on your skin like methanol. By reason of this recommendation, you understand that Origyn presents a product that would work remarkably well for all applications.

Also, this product has been certified by the Food and Drug Administration that has done an independent test on it. It has been approved by their standard laboratory as an harmless product for your usage. Your safety is a concern and priority with Origyn as they’ve gone through due process to present a quality hand sanitizer for your use.

Even the United States Pharmacopeia approves this product after testing it and finding it free from harmful substances. Apart from the enormous benefits and ease that you get from using the autoSPRITZ hand sanitizer dispenser, you are assured of a high level of safety.

Furthermore, this hand sanitizer dispenser’s directed mode of use is one that enforces thorough and absolute protection from germs. After you spray the sanitizer, you put the liquid on your palms, rub them together across every single part of your hands. Then you interlock, rub in a circular motion while protecting the thumbs, then lastly you use a zigzag motion to make sure the liquid gets to all parts.


  1. Automatic dispenser
  2. Easy to carry around
  3. Lightweight
  4. Instant refill ordering
  5. Sleek Design
  6. User-friendly
  7. Refill window indicator
  8. Thorough sanitizing process


  1. It is only compatible with Origyn hand sanitizer liquid
  2. This dispenser is not big enough for a proper hand sanitizer station

Hand Sanitizers have now become a major part of our human existence. The entire world is in dire need of these products because they have come to stay. As a result of their increased demand, people have been finding different measures in order to use a sanitizer without any complication. This is what  autoSPRITZ automatic hand sanitizer dispenser provides.

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